It’s been two weeks since I hurt myself at Crossfit class.  Two weeks, two casts, one surgery, countless hours in bed, too much Netflix and comfort food, and 6 days to go.

I started out this journey all peppy and “I’m gonna change my life!” and while I will get back there, right now my mood has taken a definite turn for the “fuck everything and everyone!”

Honesty is good, right?

Anyway, I’m stuck mostly in my bedroom since it’s the only way I don’t have to do stairs when I need to pee. I’m letting my frustrations keep me lazy. I’m relying too heavily on take-out food rather than whole processed foods (there are only so many good choices you can make with take out food and none of them include poutine).

Work is piling up but I can’t help without being there. My boss is… pissed… distracted… I don’t know, but not happy. My mood is a combination of annoyed at everything, lonely, and just randomly angry at things.

So, peeps who have gone through this before, what’s your secret weapon for staying sane through an injury? Help me Obi Wans.