Adventures in Fat Girl Fitness

Working my Way to a Healthier Me One Burpee at a Time

This is beginning to suck — March 15, 2018

This is beginning to suck


It’s been two weeks since I hurt myself at Crossfit class.  Two weeks, two casts, one surgery, countless hours in bed, too much Netflix and comfort food, and 6 days to go.

I started out this journey all peppy and “I’m gonna change my life!” and while I will get back there, right now my mood has taken a definite turn for the “fuck everything and everyone!”

Honesty is good, right?

Anyway, I’m stuck mostly in my bedroom since it’s the only way I don’t have to do stairs when I need to pee. I’m letting my frustrations keep me lazy. I’m relying too heavily on take-out food rather than whole processed foods (there are only so many good choices you can make with take out food and none of them include poutine).

Work is piling up but I can’t help without being there. My boss is… pissed… distracted… I don’t know, but not happy. My mood is a combination of annoyed at everything, lonely, and just randomly angry at things.

So, peeps who have gone through this before, what’s your secret weapon for staying sane through an injury? Help me Obi Wans.

Post surgery — March 11, 2018

Post surgery

So turns out my Achilles tendon did require surgery to repair. Had that done on the 7th and am now in the 2 week, non-weight bearing portion of this adventure.

Luckily for me I’ve done this before. I’ve been through this recovery period and know that I’ll make it through. And this time I have a husband to help and a gym to get back to.

But I am worried about losing all strength in these next two weeks, so I’ve been reading some tips, am going to pull out my resistance bands, and hope that I don’t completely atrophy before I can walk again.

Golly two weeks feels like a long time at the start.

You know what Monty Python always said… — March 5, 2018

You know what Monty Python always said…

… Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

In other news, I feel that being down to one leg should help me get really, really good at pistol squats (at least on my right leg) while I heal.  Squatting down to sit on just one leg has become de rigure, and that’s gotta be positive, right?

In other news, I see the surgeon tomorrow. I hope to know then what the treatment plan is. I’m hoping it’s something that gets me back to the gym soon. Going to the gym is a new thing for me, but I’m already missing it (and bored of sitting on my ass all day). Come on, aircast!

Crossfit day two — March 2, 2018

Crossfit day two

Well, I’ve ruptured my Achilles tendon. Well, hell. Made it through 15 sit ups and 75 single unders before I heard the pop and thought someone had hit me with a barbell.

So yeah… This is gonna put a damper on my journey. But it’s not going to kill it. I’ll get back there and work even harder to get my ass (and ankle) in shape.

Wish me luck!

Why — March 1, 2018


So why did I decide to start on a journey of fitness and health? Here’s a short list for me to remember when the days get hard and the chocolate looks so good.

  1. My daughter: I want my kid to grow up knowing that she can be strong and that her body can move mountains (or at least climb them) if she fuels and feeds it the right way.
  2. Honesty: I want to be truthful in what I say to my child when she points out my tummy or bum. I want to mean it when I say, “yup, mummy is proud of her tummy. It carried you!” rather than feeling a deep shame at how I look.
  3. Mental Health: I struggle with mental health. Depression and anxiety are dear, if caged, friends of mine. One of my biggest current challenges is simply liking who I am. I know part of that will never be fixed until I take some action to make some changes.  The rest of my life and mental health is in a good place now. I’d like my body to follow.
  4. Alignment: I want my outsides to match my insides.  In my head I’m a warrior. I’m strong and capable and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I want that to be all true in the real sense, not just in my head (although inside is a good first start).
  5. Mountains: I want to climb them. Or at least hike them. I want to bike ride and canoe and hike and camp and run and play and do all the things I’m just too tired to do now. I want to experience all those fun things once more before it truly is too late.

In short, I want to be a better, more capable version of myself. I want to be as strong as I feel. And I want to raise an equally strong and fierce kid who never doubts in her ability to kick ass and take names.